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The restaurant is right on the slopes with wonderful views over the Cime de Caron. It is open from breakfast until dinner and our head chef has created dishes using fresh local ingredients.
A choice of meats cooked in our wood fired oven, seared fish, dishes with Asian flavours and a large dessert buffet can all be enjoyed from the comfort of velvet benches in a room bathed in light.

Lobster at la Rotisserie | Val Thorens
 Beef at la Rotisserie | Val Thorens
Salad at la Rotisserie | Val Thorens
Poke Bowl @ la Rotisserie | Val Thorens
la Rotisserie | Val Thorens
Glass of wine at Le Zinc | F7 Val Thorens
Glass of wine at Le Zinc | F7 Val Thorens
Bar fooding


This is the place to be in Val Thorens.
With its festive atmosphere, you can either share the platters of local produce, enjoy a glass from a choice of 145 carefully selected wines and Champagnes or choose an old rum or cognac. As the evening goes on, Le Zinc gets livelier with three nights a week of live music or DJs. Have fun with friends until late into the night.
Music Val Thorens record player

La cheminée

Relax after skiing in front of the open fire over a hot chocolate or crêpe. Come here to drink a tea, immerse yourself in a novel, or just stare at the flickering flames. Whether it is for a snack after skiing, an aperitif, or digestif, La Cheminee is a refuge for relaxation.
Relaxing in Val Thorens
Dessert slate in Val Thorens
Bar of La Cheminée | Val Thorens
The outdoor version of La Rotisserie.

Le Bungalow

Facing south, the views from the huge terrace on the 7th floor of the building are simply magnificent.
Right on the slopes, you can make the most of sunny days whilst gazing at the snow-capped peaks. Open all day (from 10am to 5pm), you can relax over a leisurely lunch or enjoy a drink, taking advantage of the last rays of sun after a day on the slopes.
Terrace overlooking the ski slopes in Val Thorens

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Fahrenheit 7 Val Thorens

  • 297 Rue de la Lombarde
    73440 Val Thorens, France

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