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That's great : we're recruiting right now!

If you’re read this, you’re surely considering applying to us. On this page, you will find some information about our frame of mind, the °Fahrenheit Seven concept, how we work or simply to see if you’re tempted by the adventure! °Fahrenheit Seven is first and foremost a story of friendship between two families: the Vidonis and the De Ungers. Two couples, with children at the same school and a shared vision of hospitality and service. Joining the °F7 teams means becoming an uncompromising part of this great family of enthusiasts!

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Pizza Chef de partie

Assistant Chef


Second de cuisine



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Come and work for us

Join a team that’s shaking things up in mountain hotel hospitality! A resolutely festive hotel and restaurant concept, a friendly atmosphere and masters of relaxation: °Fahrenheit Seven establishments offer a 4-star service quality and an ultra-warm energy!
Join a young, dynamic team

°Fahrenheit Seven hotels and restaurants are vibrant, dynamic and lively throughout the day. Here, there’s no stuffy service style, with a young team and guests who have come to us to experience their holidays intensely! We attach particular importance to the atmosphere in our establishments. Our strength lies in being able to offer our guests a service that they will not find anywhere else in the 3 Vallées, combining the best of the town and the mountains. Your future colleagues will rely less on your CV than on your sense of service and attention to detail!

restaurant Les Menuires

Summer and winter

Do you alternate winter season and summer season work? Good news! Although °Fahrenheit Seven Val Thorens, °Fahrenheit Seven Courchevel and Roc Seven Les Menuires are only open in winter, Roc Seven Cap Ferret and Casa Santini x Roc Seven are open in summer season! An opportunity to work together over these two periods: our winter teams are a priority during our summer recruitment and vice versa!

seasoners recruitment 3 vallées

Being able to work as a couple, with friends or siblings

If you and your partner in crime want to work in the same place, apply here! We always do our utmost to allow you to best match your working hours. Another advantage is that we are centralising our recruitment over our four establishments. If your dream job is already filled in Val Thorens, it may still be available in Les Menuires, for example! Feel free to share your ambitions with us.

What matters to us

It’s simple: that every new member of the °Fahrenheit Seven family meets our founding philosophy. And the spirit of °F7 means making every effort to bring moments of happiness to every guest. Don’t worry: it all rests on seven points!


We are a family

The °Fahrenheit Seven mindset is also that of a large family. For us, this means helping each other, supporting each other and not letting each other down. And if you’re getting bored, think of your colleague next door who surely needs a helping hand!


We love our guests

This year more than ever, we are counting on you to reassure our guests, accompany them so that their stay goes as well as possible and to be warm-hearted... even remotely!

We are passionate

We love our hotel business, its good and bad sides. We wouldn't change it for anything in the world and that's also because we surround ourselves with people as passionate as we are. However the day is going, we keep smiling all day long!

We like little details

It might be a detail for you, but one which means a lot! Decoration, uniforms, musical programming, cards, little extras: we try not to leave anything to chance.

We are demanding

Life is a celebration, but not only that! Our guests demand a lot from us, so we demand even more of ourselves. We welcome them for a warm, unique experience. Everything we do must take this goal into account and strive for it. This is the price we pay for deserving our 4 stars!

We care

As we all know, the pace during the seasons is particularly challenging. The little word that makes someone happy, the little extras to help your colleague next door, it’s all important! One of our guests has complimented our cooking? A family is particularly happy with their room? Remember to pass on the information: it doesn’t cost anything, but it matters a lot!

We are go-getters

Call it optimism, determination, an entrepreneurial mindset... We are not talking here about problems, but solutions. Here, there are no nightmares, only new challenges. If these words mean something to you, it is up to you to put it into action!

Discover our establishments

The best way is to come and see us directly! But if you can’t do that, here's a first look at our °Fahrenheit Seven House establishments.



The first born in the °F7 saga, the °Fahrenheit Seven Val Thorens opened for the 2015/16 winter season. In summer 2016, the hotel was completely renovated and won the Best New Ski Hotel in the World award in 2017, then Best Ski Hotel in France in 2018 and 2020.
109 23 to 46 m² rooms


In 2017, an opportunity presented itself in Courchevel and the friends went for it. They welcomed the first guests to °Fahrenheit Seven Courchevel during the 2016/17 season. The work continued and the extensions were finalised during the summer of 2017/2018 with the installation of large family suites. Just in time to receive the award for Best Ski Hotel in the World award in 2018!
65 24 to 50m² rooms
24 29 to 45m² apartments


In 2019, the Roc Seven became the highest Italian restaurant in the 3 Vallées, perched 2,300 metres above sea level. It stands out from its competitors with its vintage, plant-based decorative style, as well as its cooking style led by a 100% transalpine team.
250 covers
300 m² panoramic terrace
Restaurant Roc Seven Les Menuires
Restaurant Roc Seven Cap Ferret


The youngest member of our family opened its doors in June 2022. It is a warm and family-friendly restaurant with à la carte dishes, a summery southern cooking style and decoratively, a gentle, friendly atmosphere with Latin inspirations. The little extra: its rooftop with stunning views of the Cap Ferret lighthouse!


Eight years after its opening, Fahrenheit Seven continues to grow. The team is now based in Porto Vecchio, with a new Roc Seven address and the takeover of the operation of the Le Goéland hotel under its historical identity, “Casa Santini”, which remains the property of Jean-Marc Santini. Its friendly (or “confidential”?) atmosphere invites you to let go and live the moment to the full, between the beach and the shaded terrace. The true art of living!
Roca seven x Casa Santini | Porto Vecchio


As you can see, conviviality is at the heart of the DNA °Fahrenheit Seven. In Courchevel and Val Thorens, three times a week we organise live music and a DJ set at LeZinc, our festive afterski bars. At Roc Seven Les Menuires and °Fahrenheit Seven Val Thorens, it's even every afternoon on the terrace!

hotel festif alpes france

Live music

In °Fahrenheit Seven Val Thorens is the only hotel in the Alps to offer live music once a month by internationally renowned artists. Private showcase atmosphere guaranteed! Since December 2017, we’ve enjoyed a variety of artists on the Zinc stage: Møme, Etienne de Crécy, Mozambo, Stéphane Pompougnac, Daddy Morry, Joey Starr, Cali, C2C, Pierpoljak, les Neg’Marrons, The Avener, Passi, Synapson, Feder, Ofenbach, Bon Entendeur, MYD, Joris Delacroix, Kavinsky, Pedro Winter... The closeness of the stage to the audience creates an intimate party atmosphere.

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